Have You Kept in Touch?

I would like to ask you a question, how do we know we have a good relationship with a friend? Do we give some time and attention to our good friends and family members to keep us in good relationships? Maybe we talk to them on the phone, send a text message, Facebook them, send emails…We always do something to keep the connections with those we love. Think for a minute, what do you do to stay in touch with those friends? Even with those friends from college or high school with whom you meet now and then?

I would like to talk to you about a friend who sometimes doesn’t get much attention. He is a friend who is always there for you, a friend who gave up His own life so that you might have life. Imagine, Jesus is the kind of friend that gave you everything. He makes Himself available to us 24/7 to go and talk to Him, He even comes to us when we receive the Eucharist.

Pope Francis said the other day at a daily Mass:

He is not a professor, a teacher, a mystic who is far from the people and speaks from the professor’s chair. No! He is in the midst of the people. He lets them touch Him. He lets them ask of Him. That’s Jesus: close to the people.

I have to tell you something. You know I am from Peru. In my country, the school year begins in March and ends in December. I grew up having the school and “end of the year” celebrations almost at the same time. When I moved to the US, I realized that having the summer season in the middle of the year gives you another opportunity to renew your New Year resolutions and to help you restart with renewed energy in whatever endeavor you would like to undertake. September is also the month when new programs begin here at Saint Martin’s and with it, there are new opportunities to strengthen your relationship with Christ. Would you like to “boost” your relationship with Him? Would you accept his invitation?

If you would like to accept the challenge, give us a call, check out the bulletin or our website, like us on Facebook, etc. We are here to help you keep in touch with Him and to get to know Him more so you can love Him more.


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