Life is Good!

How many times do we find ourselves saying “Life is Good!” This may happen when something totally unexpected brings joy to our lives, when we have a good time or when things come up in the way we hope they will. Have you ever thought why life is actually good?

Let’s think about it; life is amazing when things go the way we want them to or not. We always get something great out of it and if we don’t see it at that specific moment, we will be able to see it later. We learn from our own past experiences good or bad. We learn to love and to give of ourselves even when we think we can’t go on anymore. This is the experience of being human because our hearts long for the infinite.

To be truly alive is to love truly. Sometimes we are afraid to love because we are afraid of getting hurt and in doing so we only hurt ourselves in isolation. If this happens to you, remember that we are here in this world with a purpose and that purpose is to love. “The measure of love is love without measure” and when we experience a “Life is Good” moment, it’s just a tiny reminder of what life is all about. Then let’s do our best to promote a culture that values life and treasures what is most important.


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