God’s Logic

When I hear the parable of the talents I remember another passage that tells us how Spiritual Gifts work; “There is more joy in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35). It is basically God’s Logic that works here. Instead of things running out as you give them away, they actually multiply because the more you give the more you receive.
This is what I experience every day in my life as a Consecrated woman and Missionary. The more I give of myself, the happier I am. This is something that impresses me every day, even after 16 years of missionary life and I think it is because this is the way in which we experience what love really is.
Sometimes you may feel tired and think that there is not much left to give to others or you may feel stuck in a schedule and life becomes a routine that has nothing new and exciting. I think this is the case of the servant who hides his talent in the ground. Instead, we see how the other servants decided to give everything they were given and their talents multiplied. This may happen to you when you love even when it’s hard to love, when you experience how difficult it is to do things for others when they are not very loving or appreciative of what you do, or when you as a parent have to go beyond your children’s tantrums and love them with tough love.
I invite you to take sometime this week to think about what you can do to give away your talent, what concrete way you may find to love to the fullest. Maybe there is a situation or a person you may have been struggling with. Have courage and do what the faithful servants did out of love for their master.

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