Thank you Saint Martin of Tours… Thank you Los Angeles!

I remember that first week and first months here at SMT. I remember the excitement of getting to know the community where the Lord was asking me to serve. As in every relationship, ministry takes time. Time to get to know each other, to trust and to love.

Since then, we have been walking on a path helping each other to reach our final destination. That’s why I need to say thank you today. Thank you to the children who with their simplicity of heart, their tenderness and their free spirit have taught me to keep an open heart and a free spirit to listen to God’s words. Thank you teens, thank you for your constant search for meaning, for your love for adventure that keeps you open to look for new answers. Your attitude has been a constant reminder of my own adventure in life.

Thank you to all the adults in our community: to parents, to all those in the different committees, to all the volunteers who have committed to be witnesses. Thank you for your example and enthusiasm to share Jesus with others. To our Ministry team: thank you Father Ben and Father Donie for your leadership, encouragement and support. To the parish staff, I think we made a good team! Thank you to the school staff for your witness and dedication.

The time has come to say goodbye. One of the things that is always hard to say in a special way is goodbye when one loves those from whom she is departing. I guess it is a good sign that I wish I could stay longer, because it means that I really got to know you and to love you, but God needs me somewhere else and so I have to go. I am sure that if He needs me to go, it’s because he has something greater coming for SMT, for my community and for me. Something we may not be able to see at this point but I know that this “adventure” is going to continue and it will keep getting better and better. I will always have the community of Saint Martin of Tours in my heart and prayers. I promise that if I ever come to visit L. A. I will come to SMT to say hello, but in the meantime you know I am on social media so here is how we can keep in contact:

Twitter: @sunieto
Instagram: @sunieto


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